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 English & French lesson at Café Lare
  in Komazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo  

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From April 2019 an Italian class has started !
Please contact Beatrix by mail or phone!
English & French conversation lesson at Café Lare
Photo du LARE 2015

Are you learning English or French ?

dessin de cafe

but if you don't have the opportunity to speak it or if you'd like to brush up on your communication skills before your next travel....
Why not come and join the conversation training class at Café Lare. Talking about culture, politics, society ... or about everyday life etc...
Lare's excellent coffee makes our conversation more fun than studying alone at home!

Speciality Coffee shop Lare : 3-16-2 Komazawa Setagaya Tokyo
TEL 03-3421-0831  


  • English class
    Friday 6pm~7pm
    Fee 1500yen incl. 1 drink 
    Between 2 to 5 people

  • English class with Bix (Beatrix)

  • Italian class
    Wednesday (at komazawa park)
    On line (twice a month)
    Fee 1500yen

  • English class with Bix (Beatrix)
  • Bix

    French class
    Monday 1pm~2pm
    Fee 1000yen
    at Komazawa Chiku kaikan
    (Not 2nd Monday)

  • French class with Marki
  • He has lived in Brussels for 10 years and studied at the Conservatoire Royal de Musique


  • Feel free to come to the conversation classes at Lare when you have time. No admission fee and no application are needed, but please make sure the day of the class before you come as we sometimes change the day.
    Info : tel 080 4166 3659 (Bix)
      or tel 03-3421-0831 (Café Lare)


     Little stretch & Gym course in French

    Gym de Bix

    Little stretch and exercise class with Bix on a tatami floor in Komazawa

    Come and stretch out with Bix in the Komazawa community centre (Komazawa Chikukaikan).

    On Mondays from 2pm to 3pm,   Fee : ¥1000 for one session.
    (the Chikukaikan is closed the 2nd Monday of every month)

    Place :
    Komazawa Chikukaikan Setagaya ku Komazawa 3 Chome
    (behind the Komazawa post office) Tel 03-3419-6633


  • Contact : Beatrix(Bix) tel 080 4166 3659 or email

    Please check the schedule with Bix because she is sometimes out on a music tour.


     Poetry-Reading workshop


    Poetry-Reading workshop with Bix
    in French & other languages

    Poetry-reading in French, English and Japanese on tatami in the Komazawa community centre (Komazawa Chikukaikan) – voice training, pronounciation, movement on stage...

    On Mondays from 3pm to 4pm,   Fee : ¥500 for one session.
    (the Chikukaikan is closed the 2nd Monday of every month)
    Poetry-Reading workshop is suspended for the moment.

    Place :
    Komazawa Chikukaikan Setagaya ku Komazawa 3 Chome
    (behind the Komazawa post office) Tel 03-3419-6633


  • Contact Beatrix (Bix) tel 080 4166 3659 or email

    poesie institut


     Dining & talking in French at Fanny's !  

    Table d hote chez fanny petit Table d'hôte(Dining in French)

    We have a small dinner party to talk French at Fanny's home in Fukazawa, Setagaya once a month. Fanny organizes a cooking school “Cocotte cuisine” and gives classes of French cuisine at several places in Tokyo. She cooks south French home style cuisine for the party. Fanny,Bix and other French guests entertain you talking all in French! Please come and enjoy the “Table d'hôte”.

    The Table d'hote is suspended for the moment.

    There is also a petit concert of Bix&Marki at the beginning of the party! This party would be a very good opportunity to make your French progress.

    Info :   Tel 080-4166-3659  (Bix)  (Fanny)

  • Fanny's cooking school “Cocotte cuisine“
  • chez fanny mini concert
    chez fanny avec bix


     Little music ensemble workshop

    Ensemble chez Lare

    Let’s play music together ! Bix&Marki organize a music “ensemble“ workshop for beginners in Café LARE, Komazawa, once a month.

    We work on one or two music pieces, songs that most people might know. You can bring your instrument or just sing or play a percussion that we bring. We set together the rhythm, the harmony, while playing listening to the others.. You can of course do improvisation or accompaniment.
    The ensemble class finished in March 2019.

    The coffee shop LARE is in Komazawa 3-chome, Setagaya, Tokyo.
    (on route 246 at the Shinmachi 1-chome crossing)
    We ask for ¥1000 per time, for participation.
    Next time : on Sunday 3rd March 2019, 5pm to 6pm

    Ask Beatrix (Bix) for all info :
    tel : 080 4166 3659 or mail :

    chez Lare Atelier d'ensemble
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