Contents of the Lesson

The guitar class

Mamoru is specialized in jazz and pop rock. You can also learn various music genres.
He follows the taste and interest of the student, and the most important is to have fun. Learning to sing while playing the guitar, learning about different music styles, relaxing while playing the guitar, playing old or new famous songs.
The teaching can be done from a complete beginner level to an advanced level.
Chords, rhythms, solo phrases, how to exercise and develop your skills gradually and according to your aim.

The language lessons

There are two types of courses: according to the level of the student, it can be a conversation course to develop communication skills, vocabulary and syntax in one of the four languages, or it can be a conversation course on a practical level, for traveling or business.
Role playing is Beatrix's specialty, putting the conversation into scenarios and situations that might be happening in real life. Also, up-to-date news and various themes can be done in an agreeable salon feeling.